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Bird care


Nail trimming and general care help.

GIve us a call to see when our bird nail trim staff are available.

  • We do not clip wings as a personal choice.

  • Beak, can take a look and suggest items to help.

  • Nails - we offer nail trims on all birds.


    BIRD CLASSES - available for private training sessions , online zoom as well as in store classes periodically.


We do not offer bird sitting at this time.

Reptile care

Sometimes your reptile just needs a little TLC, we offer some small services to help .

  • Nail trims

  • General education on your animal to help provide best care.

  • Electrolyte soak to assist in hydration if shedding is issue as well as assist in finding vet  for your exotic if need be..

  • Advise on set up.

  • Nutrition and husbandry education.


Pet Sitting

We do offer pet sitting for small animals and reptiles. Fee is $10per/ day . All animals must come with proper enclosure and all nessasary needs ( food, bedding ) .  Maximum stay of 1 month, unless special arrangements are made. 

Pet sitting:  Rabbits, hamsters, Chinchilla, snake, bearded dragon, gecko, bunny, guinea pig and more. 

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