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Aquarium Salt

Now carrying:

Reef Salt

Instant Ocean

Red Sea.

Come in and see our selection on Invertebrates. Great Aquarium clean up crew, as well as our ever growing selection of coral frags and fish. 

Saltwater fish and coral

Fish and coral can make a tank magnificent! Here at Tpets we are stocked with new fish and corals frequently! 

Acropora's, mushrooms, leather's GSP's , anemone's and more. Clown fish, eels, shrimps, tangs etc. With more added weekly. 

Aquarium tanks /kits and more

Aquarium kits, tanks and all your needs. Filters, wave makers,  live rock, decor. etc. 

From full kits like this EVO saltwater kit to  even larger ones! Call us to help with your tank needs.  We also do full  - ready to go  13.5 g 

** NO guarantee on saltwater livestock due to wide range of .  

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