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All about "Caeser the Macaw"

I am young, beautiful, I can fly, I talk............. I am AMAZING!

Caeser is an amazing parrot. He is well loved and always has been,we have known his original owners for quite some time, circumstances changed and so we have Caeser to find a perfect new home. We are not in a rush, we hope to find the perfect forever family . He does many tricks and can speak a huge amount of words. His favourite thing to do is play " Knock Knock". In which once he says it, he assumes you will give him a treat.  Caeser is approx 5 years old and is still learning all the time. He will fly to you on request, he knows peek-a-b00, will Rrrr like a pirate, knock knock and chat up a storm once feeling comfortable. He knows step up, perch as well. He isn't a biter but.... will pinch sometimes if you are not paying attention. (** disclaimer - he is a bird with a huge beak and could bite if you  don't have his full trust). He is great with target training and has been around many other birds. Gets along with most!

He enjoys cracking walnuts ( which is always a crowd pleaser )as it is crazy to see how fast he can do it. 

Flying.... Isn't it amazing! 

Recall training at its best!  Caeser is amazing at this. He will generally do it if asked but if he isn't in the mood, a walnut usually will excite him enough to do what is asked.  He lands perfectly and very light! We just say " Caeser, TO ME". Wave our hand comand with one hand, and the treat in another. He is a great flyer! 

Scarlet Macaw - Caeser

I love to eat fresh foods. I get Chop  as well as Tropimix pellets. ( CHop is fresh foods - veggies , legumes, rice, fruits , etc ).  I love to eat fruits as treats as well.  

613-779-0707 Tyrannosaurus Pets 
My price is $4500tx.  Price is firm.  

It can be costly and messy to own a macaw.  I will throw alot of my food around, I will chew up ALOT of toys, I need lots of toys!  Invest in a few clickers for training ( my current trainer tends to loose them lol ), I will need a HUGE cage that is strong. I need to be able to spread my wings out in my cage.If you get a weaker / smaller one I will be unhappy and wreck it, as my beak is very powerful!  
P.S we will always be here to help you with advice for this amazing bird.

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