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Our passion is for exotics reptiles but grew into a business we love! Coming to work each day is fun when you do what you love. Our son is also staffed with us as well we consider our other staff members friends/family.



Husband and wife team. 


We invite you to visit us...

We hope you come see us, take the tour of our store. We have many interesting things for you to see. Stop at our turtle pond before heading by the bird room,  next small animals, tarantula and then the fish and reptile rooms !! You will not forget your visit to Tpets! Here at Tyrannosaurus Pets we truly love pets and are pet friendly store. We love seeing our customers pets, it isn't unusual to see someone with a bird, bearded dragon, snake or even  a ferret visiting.   * dogs must be on leash

All your exotic pet needs in one place:
  • Vast assortment of aquariums and aquarium supplies

  • Large collection of bird cages and food

  • Seasonal exotic birds from canaries to Parrots

  • Nail trims for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles.

  • Always available to help with education on any animal we carry to help you choose the perfect pet.

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